Bringing Health Home Series

Our kitchens and yards, fires and cook pots are places of hope and possibility.

Historically, these are the places where nourishment met alchemy* to ensure our health, strength, and vitality, and ultimately our survival as a species.  Food and medicine were one as we simply ate that which nurtured and fueled us. Food preparation and meals were revered as sacred and holy offerings, gifts from the heavens and earth presented to safeguard the well being of our own heavenly and earthly bodies.

The wisdom of the home cook/herbalist were relied upon to keep the family strong and well. One generation passing down its wisdom and knowledge to the next and so it went for thousands of years.

Today few of us have had such a teaching, at best, we have fragmented memories or a lingering recipe. Somewhere along the line, we started surrendering our wisdom to those experts and professionals who knew better than us. In doing so we lost our own innate abilities to listen within and seek out what we intuitively need from the bounty around us.

It is time to recall the kitchen cook and herbalist into action under your own roof. Recognizing the power available to us in this role of gatekeeper for our health and wellbeing. No one else is going to do this for you or your children. Awaken to the wisdom of the past coupled with the science of the present and the ease of our modern kitchens to embark on your road to recovery.

Witness the vitality of your future.

It is time for Bringing Health Home!

*The power or process of transforming something common into something special