What is Wellness?

In its simplest form wellness is when we feel our best and are able to accomplish our everyday tasks with ease and joy. It is the state of being when we live with gratitude and curiosity for the mysteries of our existence.

And, it is more.

Wellness is the great relearning and empowering of ourselves to embrace our own health and vitality. To find the life-ways, food-ways and to embrace the synchronicity of our unique life path.  It is the loving acceptance of who and where we are at the moment, while at the same time recognizing that wellness is a journey and not a destination.

To create wellness in one’s life is to acknowledge the innate wisdom of our being and work holistically to support that intelligence. Working in partnership with all the gifts offered to us on this earth, we accept that it is a life-way of inclusiveness and abundance. Learning to listen within we learn what our body and mind require to thrive and excel. It is a paradigm shift that will fundamentally bring on a zest and zeal for life!

Our life force has co-evolved on this planet along with the waters, plants, animals, fungi, and bacteria. We are exquisitely designed to thrive on what mother earth offers. The very basics of sunlight, pure water, fresh air, and vibrant soil are essential for our existence and well-being. Simply welcoming those important elements into your life will take you far in reclaiming your wellness.

The New Path Toward Wellness: The 9 Steps

With the understanding that your wellness journey is just that, a life-long journey and awaking, these 9 Steps are the framework for perpetual growth and ever-deepening understanding of our true nature and what sustains us. The ability to thrive and blossom requires balance in these 9 areas of our lives. I refer to them at the 9 Steps to represent the fluidity and growing nature of this process. To remind us that this is our journey, we start where we are in this moment and step forward toward better health and vitality with each choice and each day. We build health, vitality and joy, choice by choice and moment by moment.

This complete approach to wellness requires action through education, exploration, and the deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of our health. Applying this understanding daily in small ways, using routines and tiny habits, you will find yourself enjoying the benefits immediately. I would love to show you how!

1. Contemplation: Listening, Reflection, Meditation, Prayer, Authenticity

2. Nature Connection: Observation, Curiosity, Earthing, Sunning

3. Nourishment: Air, Water, Food, Learning, Media, Relationships

4. Movement: Stretching, Strengthening, Breathing, Growth

5. Emotions: Waves on the ocean, Breath

6. Rest: Play, Sleep, Renewal

7. Beauty: Art, Grace, Self-care

8. Community: Tribe, Connection, Like-mindedness, Family

9. Contribution: Purpose, Giving, Reciprocal relationships