The New Path Toward Wellness: The 9 Steps.

With the understanding that your wellness journey is just that, a life-long journey and awaking, these 9 Steps are the framework for perpetual growth and ever deepening understanding of our true nature and what sustains us. The ability to thrive and blossom requires balance in these 9 areas of our lives. I refer to them at the 9 Steps to represent the fluidity and growing nature of this process. To remind us that this is our journey, we start where we are in this moment and step forward toward better health and vitality with each choice and each day. We build health, vitality and joy, choice by choice and moment by moment.

1. Contemplation: Listening, Reflection, Meditation, Prayer,

2. Nature Connection: Observation, Curiosity, Earthing, Sunning

3. Nourishment: Air, Water, Food, Learning, Media, Relationships

4. Movement: Stretching, Strengthening, Breathing, Growth

5. Emotions: Waves on the ocean, Breath

6. Rest: Play, Sleep, Renewal

7. Beauty: Art, Grace, Self-care

8. Community: Tribe, Connection, Like-mindedness

9. Contribution: Purpose, Giving, Reciprocal