Meet Mela Belle

Bringing Health Home Series

Our kitchens and yards, fires and cook pots are places of hope and possibility.

Historically, these are the places where nourishment met alchemy* to ensure our health, strength, and vitality, and ultimately our survival as a species. Food and medicine were one as we simply ate that which nurtured and fueled us. Food preparation and meals were revered as sacred and holy offerings, gifts from the heavens and earth presented to safeguard the well being of our own heavenly and earthly bodies.

*The power or process of transforming something common into something special


Meet Mela Belle

Seeking the truths of what creates optimal health and vitality has been a quest of Mela’s since her teen years.

First simply to fuel her high-energy life choices as a dancer and outdoor enthusiast, then for her desire to raise robustly healthy children and later to assist others with their health concerns. Years of observation and practice have honed her successful and unique perspective on wellness. Mela has studied herbal medicine, homeopathy, food as medicine, dance and authentic movement with some of the most accomplished practitioners around the country.

Simultaneously working in the complementary healthcare field for over 25 years, she now brings this combined wisdom to her wellness classes and private consultations. Mela has successfully helped people facing a variety of difficult health challenges including food allergies, gut dysbiosis, fertility, family health, recovery from surgery and illness as well as those seeking a happy and vital life. Mela’s teachings focus on time-proven, traditional strategies that utilize authentic foods to truly nourish and wellness techniques to promote health, creating a wise strategy that can improve your life forever.